Monday, January 24, 2011

On Starting My Job Search

It's 2011, and I'm graduating in 4 months.  The gravity of this fact hasn't quite hit me yet, and so I find myself thinking "there's still time left".  The truth is though, the sooner I start the whole "job search/application" process, the less anxious I'll feel about having to leave behind my nice and comfortable role as an undergraduate student.  At this point in time, I have two part time positions: one interning as a Career Assistant in Vermont, and one working as a sandwich maker at a deli in New Jersey.  I know for sure that I don't want to work in the deli after I graduate (or at least after the summer after graduation if I end up getting accepted to a graduate program next fall).  Having worked at Career Services part-time for the past four years, I have started to learn about potential career areas that would be interesting to work in.  I enjoy working with others, specifically as a peer mentor.  Also, I enjoy being in a work environment that also allows personal development.  Ideally, I hope to find jobs that includes both elements.

So...I know what kind of things I'd like to be doing, but I'm not exactly sure which career field to choose.  The prospect of working in a higher ed office appeals to me, because it's what I have been doing and it's something I enjoy.  But in my job search, I don't want to limit myself to applying for solely positions in higher ed.  I once thought I'd like to work in publishing, but now I know that I want a career working more directly with others - as opposed to being shut up in an office all day scanning through pages of documents.  The task I feel I'm faced with now is finding positions outside of entry-level positions in higher education to apply to.  There are always positions for secretarial work that I could qualify for, but if I were to consider that line of work I would work toward getting a job as an administrative assistant - something where I could have certain projects and tasks that I could be responsible for.  What I feel I'm lacking is the knowledge of what positions are "opening up", because even if it's not my "dream job" I would at least like to find a professional position that I would have a reasonable chance of being hired for - even if it's not full time (as long as it's not deli work).  This research component of the job search is what I find myself struggling with.  Otherwise, I have a bulked up resume, cover letter drafts, a decent GPA, people willing to serve as references, and the will to apply to numerous positions.  The question I am now left with, is "which ones should I apply to"?

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    This is one of my favorite blogs...
    Adminstrative assistant jobs are also easy to find on college campuses, without actually working "in higher ed" you can still work in an adminstrative assistant capacity. I have a good friend who, with her BA in English and a smilar GPA as you scored an exceelent admin position at UCONN school of Medicine...and she is making 60k!